Pet-related Gun Accidents Happen: Store Your Guns Properly

gunsafeproAccording to gun rights advocates, guns don’t kill people, and very recently a hunter from Minnesota proved this true when his dog jumped inside his boat and discharged his shotgun. The man was shot in his leg, but the injuries weren’t life-threatening. The chances of these kinds of accidents are higher than you might imagine. If you search the internet, there are at least 20 incidents that link to a freak shooting accident caused by a dog since the 80’s. Most of these incidents happened in Southern and Midwestern states which have very lax gun laws.

In Florida alone, three of these kinds of incidents happened just recently. In one of the accidents, a police report indicated that the gun owner’s kicked his .38 pistol which caused it to fire and hit his leg. The owner did not know that the gun was loaded and left it lying around. The good thing is that the injuries that were sustained is not at all life threatening but not everyone will be this lucky. Most of the shootings that happened this way resulted in tragic death.

Last January 2008, a man from Texas was killed by his shotgun that he placed in the bed of his truck along with his dog. His Labrador retriever was so excited that when the man opened the tailgate to release him, he jumped on the shotgun which shot the man’s body. The authorities traced the dog’s muddy footprints on the shotgun and concluded that the dog was the cause of the shooting.

Another sportsman from Tennessee was killed by his dog after a day of duck hunting. The sportsman got out of his boat to collect some decoys when his dog landed on his loaded shotgun that he placed inside the boat. The shot made a hole in the boat and wounded the sportsman fatally.

When these types of accidents happen, commentators have a field day. For example, the sportsman’s unfortunate death caused a blogger to say that “the dog made it look like an accident”. Another hunter from Iowa suffered the same circumstances months after the sportsman died; the local paper ran an article with the title “Dog Shoots Man”.

It’s easy to be tongue-in-cheek about animals shooting people. There’s a serious take-away from such unintentional incidents which are largely the result of gun owners’ carelessness. Dogs don’t kill people. Guns kill people.

It’s easy to make fun of incidents like these because animals are the culprit, but there is a serious side to these unintentional killings. The main point is that gun owners should be more responsible with their firearms so they can be sure of their safety. There are gun safes that you can bring along with you to make sure that your pets or any unauthorized person cannot touch your firearms. The BARSKA Biometric Safe is a small gun safe that you can bring. If you go hunting, make sure to put your gun inside a gun safe that you can bring along especially if you have your pet with you.