The Sleeping Positions of Your Dog

uponamattressNo one can really tell how many hours a dog sleeps everyday because it depends on their age, size and breed. What pet lovers know is that dogs love to sleep after a long walk or after eating their supper—just like humans. Just like us, dogs will have a favorite place to sleep where they feel safe and secure as well as cozy. As pet owners, you should already have an idea on the positions that your dog sleeps in especially when they are in a deep sleep. All dogs are different but there are positions that they share with other dogs. Here are some examples of the sleeping positions that dogs love to sleep in.


This is the position where the dog is happy while taking his nap. It’s not a very deep sleep, but it means he is quite happy while sleeping for a couple of hours. When your dog is in this sleeping position, he is also listening to his surroundings but will not participate unless he knows that he is going to have a lot of fun.

The Curly Whirly

Most puppies sleep in this position because it helps them become warm and snug. However, most breeds with shorter hair also like to curl up. A tired dog would love this position because it keeps all of their body heat in and makes them feel more comfortable. If you see a dog in this position, you would know as much as to not disturb them because they are curling up and closing themselves in for some good rest.

The let it all hang out sleeper

This is a position that a relaxed and calm dog would choose to sleep in. It’s not a very common position for dogs in a place where they feel stressed out because of too much exposure. If you see a dog in this position, they should be happy to let everything hang out so they can relax.

And then there is side sleeper

This is another position for deep sleep and dogs choose this position after a long and exhausting walk or a tiring day of playing around. This enables them to have some quality sleep and you will find that they roll over. Some dogs will have their backs against the sofa or your leg or a wall because it helps them feel more secure. You will only see dogs in this position in places where they feel safe and where they think no one can harm them. This position doesn’t allow them to hear if there is something approaching.Some people also like to sleep on their sides because it helps them relax more and doze off to sleep. Although this is perfectly okay, there are times when side sleepers feel that their limbs are numb when they wake up. This is why there are mattresses made for side sleepers to be more comfortable and have a relaxed sleep without feeling any hassle or tired limbs when they wake up. Find out the right mattress for your sleeping position.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean for Your Family and Your Pet

pethairvacuumPets are delightful creatures, and all pet lovers treat them as part of the family. Owning a pet and playing with them takes away the stress of everyday life or a day’s work. They can also help cheer you up when you are having problems or going through something hard. That being said, owning a pet still entails a lot of responsibilities—cleaning after them is one thing. If you live with your pets and you are very concerned with keeping your house clean, here are some tips that might help you out.

Keep their fur from flying

Brush your dog’s coat everyday. This is important if you have many dogs inside the house. You will be shocked how brushing their coats for five to ten minutes will cut down on all the hair that is floating around your house. It also helps get rid of flaky skin by improving the distribution of natural oils through your dog’s coat. The best part about brushing their coats everyday is that your dog will look better and smell better as well.

Get a vacuum that works well with pet hair

If you want to get rid of all the pet hair in your house in a hurry, you need to buy a good quality vacuum. Vacuums work so much better than brooms, and they can work in all kinds of surfaces. You may also want to opt for lint rollers if you have a lot of pets inside the house. A hand held vacuum like the Hoover Platinum is a good product to use. It’s easy to use and store. This is a must-have when you need to get pet hair off of your clothes in a hurry.

Try common household items

Baking soda is a good item to have when it comes to getting rid of your pet’s odors. One thing you can do is to sprinkle it on your carpet or furniture and leave it there for a few hours before vacuuming it. Once you do this, you will notice that your room smells a lot better than it used to.

Use products found in the supermarket

If you are a pet owner, you might already own Febreeze. If you don’t own one, you might as well get it so you can freshen up your pet’s beddings and other furniture that your dog might like to live in. Also available is the Allergen Reducer Febreeze, which claims to reduce up to 80% of allergens from dust mites and pets.

Stop the dirty paws right at the door

Stop your dog’s muddy paws right at your front door. You can do this by placing mats both inside and outside your every door. This will help you cut down on the dirt that your dog brings into the house. You can also try to get a washable mat if you think it will help you more and if you have more than two dogs inside the house. You can also use pet wipes because it only takes a few seconds to give you results. You will be amazed how much you can get off of your dog’s paws with these wipes.

What You Need to Know About Bow Hunting with Dogs

bestcrossbowBow hunters often bring their dogs with them to hunt. There are a lot of ways that dogs can help lighten the load of a bow hunter when they are in the field. However, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a good dog to hunt with you. If you are looking to get a good dog to accompany you when hunting, here are all that you need to know.

Type of Dogs

The dominating breed for deer hunting is the German Wirehaired Dachshund and most search projects started with them. There are also other breeds that have been successful like a Basset Hound and several Bloodhounds, Golden Retrievers, a Southern Black Mouth Cur, a Beagle and a Deutsch Drahthaars. It doesn’t matter if you use a big dog or a small dog because that is just a matter of preference. The most important thing is to get a dog with a good nose, desire to please you and, of course, intelligence. The dog that you choose needs to learn how to track the scent of a wounded deer which can be more than a day old. To do this successfully, they must ignore the scent of other healthy deers.

How the Dogs are Trained

Deer search will have the dogs working at all times on a 20 to 40-foot leash to prevent it from hanging up. If you want to improvise, try using a light clothes line but a mounting climbing cord is suggested for smaller dogs. Ten-week old puppies can start the deer search with their foot lines dabbed with the deer blood that was collected and frozen.

It’s best to use a prize like deer skin, tail or leg at the end of your line. Let the puppy chew and bark at the prize when he finds it. If you see your puppy enjoying the track, you can now work with longer and older lines with deer blood.

You can put a frozen deer skin at the end of your line. Try marking your line with strips of paper or with surveyor’s tape so you can still see it when the blood is too thin for your eyes to see. Remember to use a drop of blood at every step. You can choose to start with easier lines that are aged from three to four hours. When your dog improves with his tracking abilities, use less blood, age the line more and increase the distance.

Try talking to your dog and praise him most of the time especially when he finds the deer. Let the dog make mistakes as well as figure out how he can correct himself. You don’t want your dog to be dependent on you for guidance so don’t overdo your training. The dog will learn more if you don’t make tracking a chore. Motivate your dog with positive reinforcement. He needs to develop and maintain concentration on the old deer’s scent line even when he is confronted by a healthy one.


Of course, aside from having a hunting dog with you, you will need a reliable bow to use. Some people use crossbows because it’s easier to shoot. Learn more about crossbows from Best Crossbow Hunter. There are different brands of crossbows like Barnett, TenPoint and Parker.

Pet-related Gun Accidents Happen: Store Your Guns Properly

gunsafeproAccording to gun rights advocates, guns don’t kill people, and very recently a hunter from Minnesota proved this true when his dog jumped inside his boat and discharged his shotgun. The man was shot in his leg, but the injuries weren’t life-threatening. The chances of these kinds of accidents are higher than you might imagine. If you search the internet, there are at least 20 incidents that link to a freak shooting accident caused by a dog since the 80’s. Most of these incidents happened in Southern and Midwestern states which have very lax gun laws.

In Florida alone, three of these kinds of incidents happened just recently. In one of the accidents, a police report indicated that the gun owner’s kicked his .38 pistol which caused it to fire and hit his leg. The owner did not know that the gun was loaded and left it lying around. The good thing is that the injuries that were sustained is not at all life threatening but not everyone will be this lucky. Most of the shootings that happened this way resulted in tragic death.

Last January 2008, a man from Texas was killed by his shotgun that he placed in the bed of his truck along with his dog. His Labrador retriever was so excited that when the man opened the tailgate to release him, he jumped on the shotgun which shot the man’s body. The authorities traced the dog’s muddy footprints on the shotgun and concluded that the dog was the cause of the shooting.

Another sportsman from Tennessee was killed by his dog after a day of duck hunting. The sportsman got out of his boat to collect some decoys when his dog landed on his loaded shotgun that he placed inside the boat. The shot made a hole in the boat and wounded the sportsman fatally.

When these types of accidents happen, commentators have a field day. For example, the sportsman’s unfortunate death caused a blogger to say that “the dog made it look like an accident”. Another hunter from Iowa suffered the same circumstances months after the sportsman died; the local paper ran an article with the title “Dog Shoots Man”.

It’s easy to be tongue-in-cheek about animals shooting people. There’s a serious take-away from such unintentional incidents which are largely the result of gun owners’ carelessness. Dogs don’t kill people. Guns kill people.

It’s easy to make fun of incidents like these because animals are the culprit, but there is a serious side to these unintentional killings. The main point is that gun owners should be more responsible with their firearms so they can be sure of their safety. There are gun safes that you can bring along with you to make sure that your pets or any unauthorized person cannot touch your firearms. The BARSKA Biometric Safe is a small gun safe that you can bring. If you go hunting, make sure to put your gun inside a gun safe that you can bring along especially if you have your pet with you.

Tips on How to Snag a Date with a Pet-lover

Ipetf you are a pet lover, you will automatically want your partner to share that passion. Most pet owner look for someone who will help them take care and love their pets just like they do. This can be tricky because not all people share the same passion that you have for your pets and it can make dating a little harder. If you really think about it though, pets are adorable and there is no way that you can hate or not love them. For pet lovers who are looking for the perfect match, here are some dating tips that can help you get the partner of your dreams. Remember, love me and love my pet.

Be Honest

If you like being on social media, include your pets in your profile pictures and show people that you love to spend time with them. By doing this, you would have told everyone how much you love your pets and how you like doing your hobbies with them. It also helps with how people see you and it can be a plus when a person who also loves pets sees your pictures and asks you out on a date.

Don’t forget to Be Realistic

Come clean and tell your date that you have a pet and ask them if they are comfortable with that. You need to know if a person is allergic to cats or are afraid of dogs. If this is the case, you don’t need to spend time dating them because you would automatically know that the relationship won’t pan out. Remind yourself that there are plenty of people that share the same love for pets as you do.

Try to Be Patient

Once you find that person that can pose as a potential date who also shares your love for your pets, then you can freely go out on with that person. The fun part is that you can even bring your pet with you. The best way to meet is to set up your meeting in a neutral location where your dog can play around. If your date is also bringing his pet, all the more fun for the both of you. Keep calm and take it easy since you are just having your first date. Let nature take its course. If you own a cat, you might want to set the date up at home. Keep the noise down and your energy levels calm so the cat can work with you on your date.

Always Be Considerate

Even if you know that you are dating an animal lover, don’t expect them to love your pet then and there. If you invite them over, don’t have a house full of pet hair and make sure you clean up all their mess including their litter box.  Before your date, take your dog for a long walk so he doesn’t have too much energy when you’re already with your date.  Try to get to know your date and enjoy your time with him or her.

Try Online Resources

There are online communities for almost anything. You’ll easily find one for pet lovers. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to find anyone, try consulting a psychic. There are online free readings for love that you can visit.